General Assembly 2021

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help UUSCM have a Significant Presence!

This year I am serving as the UUSCM General Assembly 2021 virtual presence coordinator. GA 2020 moved to being 100% virtual at the last minute. This year, Virtual GA21 is building on what was learned at GA20 and planning has always been aimed at a Virtual GA21. This year I expect GA to be fantastic. Please plan to attend and support UUSCM’s participation. We have opportunities for volunteers of many types and levels of commitment. 

Plans are obviously a work-in-process, however they are much more complete at this point than last year. Here is our current GA 2021 plan:

UUSCM has 2 “Official Workshops” in the GA21 Program!!! 

Announcing: UU Lay Chaplain Denominational Endorsement by UUSCM. This will be a pre-recorded “On-Demand Workshop”. This is a major UUSCM initiative with UUA sponsorship and a UU Funding Program start-up grant. We will be a Silver GA21 Sponsor to launch this important program. 

    Collaborative Covenant Writing for Community Ministers and Congregations. This will be a Live Webinar scheduled for Friday, June 25 at 5:00 pm EDT/4:00 pm CDT/3:00 pm MDT/2:00 pm PDT. This will be a 90 minute program with time for Q and A.

    UUSCM will be a Silver Sponsor of GA21 !!!

      Made possible by a UU Funding Program Grant to support the launch of the UUSCM Lay Chaplain Endorsement Program.

      • Virtual Exhibit Booth
      • Digital Program Book Ad
      • Push Notification in the NEW! GA App  
      • Pre-Roll Slide (A UUSCM Slide in a Slideshow before every major GA21 event, Worships, General Sessions, Ware Lecture, Featured Speaker events, and live workshops.)

      UUSCM has 8 Networking Events in the GA21 Program!!

      • UUSCM Pub Night GA20! 
      • Breaking Bread with the UUSCM Board.
      • Q & A with Workshop Presenters:  Announcing: UU Lay Chaplain Denominational Endorsement by UUSCM.
      • Q & A with Workshop Presenters:  Collaborative Covenant Writing for Community Ministers and Congregations.
      • 4 UUSCM OPEN HOUSES. These 60 to 90 minute Zoom events will have breakout rooms facilitated in three styles: A. Topical Opt-In B. Regional Opt-In C. Event Flow-up D. Randomized

      We need YOU to make these plans a reality!

          Please contact me to help! I hope to “see you” at GA 2021!

          In faith and service,

          Doug Jones


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