Friday at GA: Making Space for Entrepreneurial Ministry, Inside and Around the Parish

26 Apr 2015 8:31 PM | Michelle Walsh

MAKING SPACE FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL MINISTRY, INSIDE AND AROUND THE PARISH 3:00 - 4:15PM | E147-148UU Society for Community Ministries, UU Ministers Association, UUA 

Entrepreneurial community ministry is recognized as the type of cutting-edge ministry that is meeting the changing demographic and spiritual needs of the 21st century. This workshop is a nuts and bolts illustration of three successful partnerships between the parish and these new faith entrepreneurs, jointly sponsored by the UUSCM, UUMA, and UUA.

Rev. Barbara Meyers, Rev. Lisa McDaniel-Hutchings, Rev. Jeremy Nickel, Rev. Myriam Renaud, Rev. Tom Capo, and Rev. Matthew Crary.

The Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries

Rev. Inanna Arthen
325 Lakeview Dr.
Winchendon, MA 01475 

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