The Unitarian Universalist 
Society for Community Ministries

Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries

Mission and Purposes

Adopted by the Board of Directors 9/1/2010

The mission of the UU Society for Community Communities is to implement a vision and recognition of an inclusive and diverse Unitarian Universalist ministry in the larger world.
The purposes of the Society are:

  • To foster the provision of Unitarian Universalist ministries to people who are marginalized, wounded, oppressed and to the diverse concerns of age, race, class, life-style, affectional or sexual orientation, planetary survival, etc., so that Unitarian Universalism may assist the moral arc of the universe to bend toward justice and healing.
  • To support and promote the Unitarian Universalist movement, its societies & congregations, and its Association.
  • To encourage the Unitarian Universalist Ministers’ Association (UUMA), Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and Unitarian Universalist congregations to support community ministries spiritually, professionally, and financially.
  • To assist ministers, congregations, and the Association in interpreting community ministry.

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